Your Space 2 Workbook Решебник

Your Space 2 Workbook Решебник

Your Space is a three-level course designed to motivate students as they change and grow. Students are supported to explore and personalise new language right from the start, enabling them to communicate clearly and build confidence in using English in everyday situations.

Book, the class Audio CDs offer varied listening practice to help improve listening skills. Recordings on the CD include photo stories, interviews, radio broadcasts and pronunciation exercises.

Hobbs Martyn, Starr Keddle Julia. Your Space 2 Workbook

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday orchestra Maths lesson Computer Club theatre group football with Max and Toby tidy room violin practice 4 He Write the questions. Then write short a n s w e r s for you. 1 you / send / a lot of text messages 2 your school / have / a computer room 3 you / have / a lot of homework 4 your best friend / play / the guitar 1 On Mondays he ploys w t h e orchestra. (play) 2 (have) 3 (go) 4 _ 5 Write s e n t e n c e s about you and your life. U s e the present simple. •friends j .Sister J like t&ion/cjtyj brother j play have dod j шчж J read petj school j listen do (act) 5 _ watch speak eat drink go work (play) 6 _ 7 (tidy) My -friends a n d I l i k e computer games. W e r e very good a t them! (do). People Unit 1 5 1А Ц Co) Language space too much / too many Countable / uncountable Write the words in the correct column. 8 (6ircii)the correct words. Write countable nouns in the plural 1 There are too much / (/oo memj) form. apples.

We have too much / too many vegetables for dinner. vyateT o^ape yoghurt apple chicken banana biscuit bread tomato orange juice crisp cheese countable uncountable grapes water 4 There is too much / too many ice cream. 5 There is too much / too many pasta. 6 Have you got too much / too many Complete the conversation with sausages? some and any.

Files at Software Informer. Solve hidden picture puzzles in the 64 page workbook or make your own on the computer. Puzzle Play software turns your computer into a puzzle making machine, just add your imagination.

Zawiera specjalne sekcje egzaminacyjne ktore opracowane zostaly zgodnie z obowiazujacymi standardami wymagan Pomocnicze cwiczenia do podrecznika pozwalajace usprawniac nauke jezyka angielskiego.

Your Space Level 2 Workbook with Audio CD

Teacher`s Resource Pack&Tests. The publishers grant permission for the photocopying of the resource activities and tests for classroom use only.The In Company 3.

The series follows the principles of the Common European Framework of Reference and combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed modules.

Много веков назад люди мечтали о путешествиях сквозь пространство, а писатели-фантасты 1) предсказывали, что люди будут летать на Луну или на Марс на выходные.

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